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Hi, I’m Ms. Dianne, a mom of two beautiful children, I’m passionate about poetry, writing, and my love for God. I hope you enjoy my journey of finding what Love really is. 💋

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  • Come tease me
    Challenge me, change me tell me more about you. Do you see what I see? The life that’s just beginning I told you once that I don’t do that love thing. But you made me fall in love with you. I had a dream you were there we ran naked in the rain vulnerable forContinue reading “Come tease me”
  • Abandon ship
    Posted from my other site: Check it out: https://visionthroughmyis.wordpress.com/ Oh man the enemies are aboard who let him in? Oh man there’s fright and terror in everyone heart because someone left the door open. Where do we go from here the ship isn’t the big. We run from room to room trying to make ourselvesContinue reading “Abandon ship”
  • Naked and not Afraid
    Sometimes when I sleep I think about the times when I feel the most vulnerable like now! I have been thrown to the wolves just to be torn to pieces and made it out with barely one scratch. The reason I say right now is because my whole life is laid out like a postContinue reading “Naked and not Afraid”
  • The confidence of a man
    I like a man who is confident. Not cocky but confident he has me. I love it when a guy tells me he has me and he won’t let go. And he proves his actions by keeping my mind on him by doing random things like a picnic in the park or the car onContinue reading “The confidence of a man”
  • Unknown
    Theres no sweeter love, save it Picture it. I just want you every unperfect complete part of you. This thing we have is just a mystery only known to some. I told you I’d challenge you, push you. I tested your thoughts I tested your character. The void I see in your eyes is notContinue reading “Unknown”
  • It’s the reassurance I need
    It’s your presence that makes me stand at attention. I love it when you walk into the room it makes me smile. Your mind is so powerful and challenging it makes me push to be greater. The thoughts you give me I sit and wonder why? how? I’ve accepted the challenge in my mind. TheContinue reading “It’s the reassurance I need”
  • Fan based letters
    Dear Ms. Dianne, Per your other page I writing because the pain I’m feeling is far to deep. I recently lost a loved one and it hurt but at the same time I was in the process of getting a divorce. We had been together 5 years before ever thinking about getting married. I wantedContinue reading “Fan based letters”
  • I want
    I want a guy who: When we talk we don’t just talk but things come out that’s we both have been hiding from others When we’re apart I still feel him in my heart When I’m hurting he can feel my pain and vice versa We can sit up all night just laughing and playingContinue reading “I want”
  • The man had me but didn’t keep me
    I shared all I have to make this work. But at the same time I was selfish in my giving. I gave only half of my heart. Less than half of my mind. Just to give to him and that wasn’t right. When you give love to a person half just won’t do. And nowContinue reading “The man had me but didn’t keep me”
  • The hurting part I see
    I woke up one day hurting and in pain. I went to find a doctor so to speak but they wouldn’t find my mail. I wrote I called I cried and I cried. And one day I got a letter stating that my life was about to change that they have been trying to reachContinue reading “The hurting part I see”

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About Me

Hi, I’m Ms. Dianne, I am currently a stay at home mom who loves to take adventures with my children. In those adventures I learn about what Love truly means to me and I am here documenting my journey as I fast forward through time to find out what Love means on a spiritual level as well as on a personal level. Follow me as I take this journey to blog and create poetry about life’s ever ending battle’s in this thing called LOVE!!!

Stay tuned 💋

Love Ms Dianne

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